Advance declaration + presentation notification are key

After the introduction of the CVB, would you like to have your customs formalities dealt with in the fastest and most efficient way in the Dutch ports? Then ask your customs agent to use an advance declaration + (automated) presentation notification. After having been unloaded (and following any physical inspections), the cargo can immediately leave the terminal.

Your customs agent can submit an advance declaration before the ship arrives in port. Upon arrival of the ship (ATA), your customs agent will next confirm the advance declaration with the presentation notification.

Advantages of an advance declaration

  • Check beforehand

    Customs already checks the advance declaration prior to the arrival of the ship (ATA). If your customs agent were to wait with the subsequent declaration until the ATA, they would often encounter peak busyness at Customs.

  • Better planning of transport

    If your customs agent is AEO-certified, Customs will send the notification pertaining to any physical inspection or inspection of documents immediately following the advance declaration. This makes it much easier to plan your onward transport.

  • Timely pre-notification at the terminal

    No further customs inspections required? Then your customs agent will receive the MRN in advance from Customs. With this, they or the carrier use Portbase to in a timely manner submit the mandatory digital document pre-notification at the terminal.

  • Immediate collection

    Once the ship has arrived, the cargo can be picked up immediately after submitting an (automated) presentation notification.

Automating the presentation notification creates optimal benefits

Optimal benefits are created if your customs agent fully automates the submission of the presentation notification in his customs software. To this end, his software supplier simply builds in a trigger in the presentation notification for the ATA ship. At that specific moment, the presentation notification will then automatically be sent to Customs without further action. No one at the customs agent needs to be present at the office or press a button. Without double work, your cargo will continue in the fastest way possible.