What does the CVB mean for you as a carrier?

How to prepare for the CVB?

  • Without MRN no prenotification to the terminal via Notification Import Documentation (NID) and therefore no transport

  • The correct MRN is a condition for departure from the terminal

  • Align with your principal for accurate, timely information and avoid delays

  • Ask your principal to work with an advance declaration + automated presentation notification. This means faster work for you

In short

After the introduction of the CVB, containers can only be picked up at container terminals and trailers can only depart from ferry terminals if parties have met their customs obligations in a correct manner. If as a carrier you use Portbase to submit the mandatory Notification Import Documentation (NID) to the terminal, then your principal is responsible for ensuring that you receive the correct Movement Reference Number (MRN) in time.

Ask your principal to use an advance declaration + (automated) presentation notification

Customs issues the MRN when a subsequent declaration of your principal matches the earlier Temporary Storage Declaration (ATO) of the shipping company, cargo handling agent or ferry operator. After the CVB, your principal can only submit this subsequent declaration upon arrival of the ship (ATA). Unless he opts for an advance declaration supplemented with an (automated) presentation notification. Customs will then provide the MRN in advance to the ship’s ATA. As a carrier, this will enable you to submit the NID to the terminal more quickly. Therefore, always ask your principal to work with advance declarations. This way you can always pick up the cargo from the terminal smoothly.

Optimal chain cooperation required

The CVB makes it even more important that all chain parties have the correct data at their disposal at the right time. Good mutual co-ordination ensures that cargo moves through the port smoothly. Timely information exchange about the ship’s ATA and the discharge moment prevents cargo from standing at the terminal unnecessarily long and you from experiencing delays during pick-up.