This is how Portbase helps

Through the Port Community System of the Dutch ports, Portbase offers your customs agent a solution to submit subsequent declarations with the correct goods information, to build in triggers for the automatic submission of presentation notifications for the advance declarations and to efficiently organise the onward transportation following the introduction of the CVB. Your customs agent thus always receives the CVB in the fastest way, so that your cargo can always quickly continue.Klik hier om uw eigen tekst toe te voegen

Service Cargo Controller

For the container and ferry sector

Portbase service in which you can closely monitor all your containers and trailers arriving in Dutch ports. You can see the status of the arrival of ships (ATA) and the moment cargo is unloaded in real time. Furthermore, Cargo Controller informs you about customs inspections (scans or physical checks) and you can see almost all details of the Bill of Lading (B/L), including the weight.

Cargo Controller is available via web screens and as a system link (API). Via this API, Cargo Controller can also be linked directly to your customs software. The arrival notification (ATA) in Cargo Controller can then be used as a trigger for the automatic sending of the pre-declaration message to Customs. This way you avoid extra actions, you never lose time and you are assured that your goods can always leave the terminal quickly. Your IT department or software supplier can build this Cargo Controller trigger into your customs software for you.

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