This is how Portbase helps

Through the Port Community System of the Dutch ports, Portbase offers your customs agent handy assistance to easily submit subsequent declarations with the correct goods information, to build in triggers for the automatic submission of presentation notifications for the advance declarations and to efficiently organise the onward transportation following the introduction of the CVB. Once the ship has arrived, the cargo can be picked up immediately.

Service Cargo Controller

For the container and ferry sector

With the Portbase service Cargo Controller all containers and trailers arriving in Dutch ports can be closely monitored. The service shows in real-time the status of the arrival of ships (ATA) and the moment cargo is unloaded. Furthermore, Cargo Controller informs about customs inspections (scans or physical checks) and provides almost all details of the Bill of Lading (B/L), including the weight.

Cargo Controller is available via web screens and as a system link (API). If your customs agent works via advance declarations, he can use the Cargo Controller API to build in a trigger in his customs software for the automatic submission of presentation notifications at the time of the ATA ship. This prevents extra actions, time is never lost and you are assured that goods can always leave the terminal quickly.